Silver Baltic Amber Pendants

stunning jewelryThe ageless beauty of a Silver Baltic Amber Pendant, timeless in the sense of fashion, as for centuries artisans have utilized Baltic Amber in jewelry, highly prized for its clarity and its ease to be able to fashion it into timeless pieces.

The Baltic Amber, such as what is in your Sliver Baltic Amber Pendant, is around the age range of 30 to 90 million years old. Although it is often classified as a gem, with a hardness rating on the Mohs’s scale of a 2-2.5, it is actually a fossilized tree resin and this accounts for the varying ranges of colors within the amber, but the majority of Baltic Amber come from pine tree resins, often prized because of the inclusions of insects contained in the resin, although this can be rare.

90% of the world’s extractable amber is located in the Kaliningrad region of Russia along the Baltic Sea, where raw Amber is simply cast up from the sea floor by the waves and then collected at the ebb tide. True Amber is only slightly denser then salt water and was often caught in nets along the Baltic shore.

There are about 250 varying shades and colors in Baltic amber. The most common range from transparent honey yellow through warm orange, but also red on up to brown, so when choosing your Silver Baltic Amber Pendant you will have a variety of colors to choose from. All Amber is highly valued and it is just a matter of personal preference as to your taste in color, shape, and design, when choosing your Silver Baltic Amber pendant.

It is difficult to make sure that you are buying a real Silver Baltic Amber Pendant and not counterfeit amber pendant. There are several tests that one could do to determine if amber is genuine although in the case of finished jewelry it is not recommended, as it would damage the piece. The majority of tests involve heat and the use of salt water but this is usually only done with raw amber. It is sad but there are a lot of counterfeit Baltic Amber silver pendants on the market and using price as a gauge is of no use in most cases. Purchasing your Silver Baltic Amber Pendant from a reputable jeweler or dealer will ensure that your piece is genuine.

Caring for your Silver Baltic Amber Pendant properly will assure that you are able to enjoy your beautiful piece for many years to come. Amber in general can change as time goes on, if exposed to the elements and common chemicals. To help stabilize its color and finish, Amber is often coated with a protective resin when used in jewelry. You will still want to take precautions with your piece.

Your Silver Baltic Amber pendant should not be stored or displayed in direct sunlight, this can over time change its color. It is also a good idea not to expose it to chemicals such as hairspray and perfumes as this can dull the finish and eventually damage your pendant. When storing your Silver Baltic Amber pendant, keep in mind that other pieces of jewelry with sharp edges can scratch and ding the Amber. Putting it into a separate area of your jewelry box or inside a pouch will help protect it. If you need to clean your piece, simply use a soft jewelry cloth.

There is nothing like the warm glow of a beautiful Silver Baltic Amber Pendant as an addition to your jewelry wardrobe. If you use care and precaution, your piece will last a lifetime.

Updated: May 5, 2019 — 6:57 pm